Facilitator Network

For years I have navigated the facilitating world. At times it’s been lonely but along the way, I have made amazing connections with other entrepreneur facilitators.

Here is what I have learned:

ECE facilitators are kind, caring, and willing to help each other and hold each other up.

Nobody is in competition with each other even if we have overlapping interests or content.

When we support each other we can build mutually beneficial relationships through sharing information, ideas, and networks.

Each ECE facilitator comes into the adult teaching world with a unique wealth of knowledge, experience, and education.

ECE facilitators really put their heart into their content.

ECE facilitators go above and beyond with prep time, finding resources, creating content and resources, presenting and answering questions.

ECE facilitators do not go into teaching/professional development for the money. They are passionate about making positive changes in the field they love which is why they can be taken advantage of when they don’t know their worth.

So if you are an entrepreneur early years facilitator and you want to belong to a strong network of other facilitators, please click here to learn more about the group and how to join.

Our first one-hour meeting will be held on December 9th, 2021 at 10am.

Kind regards,

Ana Valle Rivera

Founder of Early Years Workshops & Training